A Tradition in Clothing

Jim & Karen Grants Shoolware

Jim and Karen Grant spearhead the tradition that is GRANTS; school-uniform specialists operating out of Manor Street for over 100 years. Reputable and respected, GRANTS has earned its prominence through a long history of producing excellent quality goods at the best possible price. History notwithstanding, GRANTS remain current because we have never lost sight of the future; we have never stood still in time.

We are a family-run business of old that has always anticipated the future; a business that comes prepared wanting to prepare you. The past 100 years have borne witness to great invention and innovation of which we here at GRANTS have played a part. With significant diversification and expansion GRANTS are not just experts in school-uniform production but are experts in the production of all generic and bespoke clothing. Our product range is as diverse as it is extensive. Whilst we count large corporates and prominent entities amongst our clients and customers, we always remain true to the individual. There is no requirement too small and there is no request too big because at GRANTS we deliver to all.

Many years have passed and many changes incurred but there is one constant that remains unchanged – GRANTS’ absolute commitment to quality and value; this has been our priority from the outset and it remains our priority today. We deliver superior products at the best possible price and we are as dedicated to sourcing the best materials as we are committed to the use of Irish goods.

As history has evidenced, there is nothing temporary about GRANTS – our customers keep returning; happy always to avail of us as clothing partners in their changing needs. As important as the quality of the product we deliver to you is the quality of our relationship with you. GRANTS are your one-stop-shop with an after-sales service that is attentive, proactive and second to none.

There is a reason that GRANTS has stood the test of time; it is because we care. We, Jim and Karen, spearhead a great legacy which is under our watch now. We have a responsibility and duty to take care of that legacy and this we do by taking care of YOU.